About us

Pedalistra is a project behind which, two young people fond of nature and sports activities, have come up with ideas to make something original and different. Although the whole idea came quite accidentally, thanks to the love for cycling and Istria, we turned our hobby and passion into work.

Bicycle Tours

Our bicycle tours use exclusively MTB bicycles by trekking along forest paths, vineyards, streams, waterfalls, interesting churches, and many other beauties that you will have to discover by yourself. In order to make the tours perfect, and to make guests fully experience the magic of Istria, we always complement them with cheese, wine and olive oil tastings, or dinners with traditional Istrian food and good Istrian wine.

Walking Tours

Apart from cycling tours, Pedalistra also offers walking tours around Istria. The walking tours take place on the Istrian Mountain Učka, and areas around the towns of Buzet, Labin, Žminj, Kanfanar and Rovinj. To give the walking tours a full impression, at the very end of each, guests are surprised by a fine outdoor picnic.


Pedalistra offers bike and walking tours around the Istrian County, as well as rent a bike and bike delivery services. From our offer you can chose Mountain bikes (GIANT and CTM), City bikes, Kids bikes and Child seats on request and much more…

The tours are specific in that we take our guests to yet unexplored and untouched places in Istria, which we carefully choose and explore, without destroying them. We like to say that we are different from others, that we are Eco-friendly and that we offer tours which portray Istria in its original, untouched form.

Our team

Ivana Popović: The Pedalistra story began in 2016 during my last year of study of Culture and Tourism, when I realized that I wanted to build my career by doing what I really love. My idea was primarily to work as a travel guide and open my own travel agency, while keeping in mind that I have to have a good quality offer, different from all the others. Given the fact that I have always been a great cycling enthusiast, and I like to spend all of my free time in nature, I decided to make the first step and ask Sebastijan if he wanted to cooperate. He agreed, being very interested in my idea. Pedalistra has completed its first year of business very successfully. We are very pleased with the outcome, although we know that new challenges and new goals await us.

Sebastijan Šajina: I started working as a bike guide in 2006 with some friends in Labin. My real passion for cycling started back in 2002, when my love for bikes became stronger than that for any other sport. Two years later, I stared participating actively in various competitions for the Croatian cycling team. After a short break due to injury, I realized that I did not want to stop only at MTBs, so I started to also deal with Downhill and organizing bicycle races. This has helped me a lot with negotiating and taking care of my current job in Pedalistra. Since new experiences are never enough, I am now riding Enduro and preparing for competitions that will take place next year. Ivana and I are a great team, and together we enjoy creating new, adventurous, fun good quality tours.

It is time to explore Istria with Pedalistra!